Camping for tents, caravans & motorhomes

Waterfront Camp Sites

We have 5 waterfront campsites for tents, caravans, and motorhomes. They are located right on the beachfront. These sites are differing sizes so these fill up fast so make sure you book ahead.

Standard Tent Sites

These are for tents caravans and motorhomes and are in 2 main areas in the park. A lot of these sites are different sizes so make sure you advise us of the size of the tent caravan or motorhome that you have.

Pet Friendly Campsites

We have 6 designated sites (1 being non-powered) that have been allocated as pet friendly. Pet friendly sites are only available outside of public holiday weekends, school holidays and Christmas through January.
Pet friendly sites are on request only and there are some strict guidelines that are required to bring your pet to our park. Main guidelines are that the pet is not permitted to leave the campsite, cannot be walked around the park, must be tied up if outside the tent, caravan or motorhome, must not be left unattended for long periods of time, must not be a noise nuisance and you must clean up after your pet. Ask for the guidelines to be emailed to you if you wish to bring your pet in. There is a $5 per pet charge.